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Available Command Line Options:

The following is a brief description of the command line options that are available.  This information can also be displayed by using the '-h' or '-?' options on the command line.  Please be aware that at the current time the username, password and database type must be supplied.  If a MySQL database is used you must also supply the database name option.

Program Version: x.x.x
Command line usage for: ./linksysactivity
    linksysactivity -u <username> -p <password> -t <database type> [other desired/required options]
        -v:  prints version number
        -?:  prints this quick command line reference
        -h:  prints this quick command line reference
        -u <username>:  username to use for database connection
        -p <password>:  password to use for database connection
        -t <type>:  database type (mysql)
        -H <machine name>:  hostname with database
        -n <database name>:  name of database (REQUIRED for mySQL)
        -P <port number>:  port to use to connect to database
        -o:  include outbound connections in log data
        -d:  log to /var/log/linksys.log in DShield format. Use their linksys perl script for submission.