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Source Code Installation

This section gives you the details on installing the logging portion of the application from source code.  The project currently supports Solaris and Linux.  Specifically Solaris 8 and Redhat 7.1 were the development environments and where most of the testing has been done.  Your mileage may vary under other Unix flavors or other versions of the above named supported OS's.

1.  Obtain the source code tarball from the Linksys Activity Logger site.
2.  Gunzip and untar the downloaded file:
gunzip -c <downloaded file> | tar xvf -
3.  Change working directory into the source code directory.
4.  Now you need to configure the compilation environment.  It will automatically detect the operating system you are using.  The most often used option included with the configure command is the directive to specify what database you are going to use and it's location.  Issue the configure command including any options that you desire (second line shows an example configuring it for a mySQL database):
./configure <options>
./configure --with-mysql=/opt/mysql
5.  Now you can compile the source code into a binary file.
6.  Finally, install the binary:
make install