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Current Project Status:

Logger:  The logger portion has been running now on a Solaris machine for quite a while, with significant up time.  I'm now considering it stable, and pending any minor code tweaks will probably consider it as a final version release candidate.

Web Front End:  The first pre-release version has been released.  Not all features are currently supplied, but enought is working to make it somewhat worthwhile.

Future Plans:

Web Front End:  Complete the basic web interface and add additional functionality.  It would be nice to have some graphs of activity levels, etc. if a suitable and light weight graphing library accessible from PHP can be found.

Release History:

05/01/2002:  Released first pre-release version of the web interface.  Not everything is functional yet, but enough is working to make it a viable 'beta' release for public consumption.

03/14/2002:  Oracle support added and commited to CVS.  Official release will be soon.  I need to add a few new files to CVS (create_oracle.sql) and write a database trigger to handle unique id numbers for the records.

11/19/2001:  v0.2 Second beta release.  Add capability of logging to /var/log/linksys.log in DShield format.   Log can then be submitted to DShield using their perl script available at their site under Linux clients, under Linksys.

11/13/2001:  v0.1 Initial release with base functionality.  Supports logging to MySQL Database.