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Special Thanks

We would like to take a few very important minutes to thank several people/projects that have either provided us with direct assistance, or where we got a few ideas from.
After a lot of searching and frustration, I finally discovered by sheer accident Linux based code for parsing the Linksys SNMP logging messages here.  I had queried several others that had similar applications running under Windows for any possible assistance, but they either never responded back or never followed through.  I could have written this code myself, but thanks to the people at DShield they have saved me a lot of time writing and debugging it.  Thank you!!!!
Having closely examined Snort's source code for various reasons over the past few years, not only has it given me ideas on how to modularly write the code for this project, but has also extended my knowledge of working with the C programming language (although a programmer, it's not one that I get to use that often).  So although the Snort programming team may not have directly contributed to this project, they have helped in some other round about ways.  (Like providing good sample code in dealing with mySQL connections.)  This has again saved time and added a few tricks to the ole programming book.